About us

India:- A land of thousand stories. The diverse culture and a wide array of lifestyles. The world’s 3rd largest economy and

also the birthplace of Yoga, Kamasutra, Sanskrit, Zero, Decimal, Pi, Ayurveda, Chess, Jugaad, and much more. With

diversity comes the various festival that we celebrate in our own ways across this incredible land of festivals! Simply

Put, CELEBRATE IT INDIA is about India. Celebrating this Incredible India, celebrating its colors, the spirit, the tradition,

the identity of India. We, at Celebrate it India, offer products that are full of the essence of Indian festivals, perfect for

those who love to celebrate them and live their spirit! Our product offering includes products for every festival celebrated

across India whether it be décor, gifts, or greeting cards to go along! Not surprisingly, as the world calls it “The Big Fat

Indian Wedding”: an occasion that India celebrates with a bash! Our product range includes wedding decorations, gifts &

more for the biggest festival that Indians celebrate.